Thanksgiving is Here!

10 Things I’m Thankful for

I’m thankful for too many things to count, but I’ve managed to pick 10 to focus on this Thanksgiving season. Dwelling on these always brings me closer to God.

1.      The Bible. So cliché, I know but I’m thankful that I don’t have to wing it every day. I have a book helping me live a joyful and fun life.
2.      My sweet, sweet husband. I’m so thankful for his love and for his fearless leadership. It makes my job of wife and mom so much easier!
3.      My awesome boys that keep me busy!
4.      My godly parents that are a great example of a great marriage.
5.      My siblings. They keep me laughing and they are always available to talk when I need a listening ear.

6.      My in-laws. They are another great example of a great and godly marriage.

7.      My best friends! Of course!


8.      Awesome TV shows that I get to share with my husband!


9.      Chocolate! No description necessary!

10.  A beautiful home in which I enjoy all these blessings!

What are you thankful for?


Today, Jon Mark and I started our journey in the land of school. It was an interesting day, due to the fact that I was asking my 19 month old to listen to bible stories and practice drawing straight lines. We learned about A today and we will learn about B tomorrow. I’ve told you all of this to introduce the main point of my blog post. I have found the Eden of homeschool resources!!!! Where have you been all my life!? There’s a worksheet for everything and if you subscribe there’s a workbook for everything! Very cool in my opinion. Of course, for bible study we have to find our resources elsewhere. Yes, this was probably a pointless post. But I had to share my excitement with the world!