My First Attempt at a Home Remedy

Homemade Anti-Itch Salve


But seriously: I’ve admittedly never tried homemade when it comes to medicine…until my son started BLEEDING from scratching his mosquito bites that the ridiculously priced bug spray was supposed to protect him from. We had run out of anti-itch cream and I was desperate for his relief.


I got online and googled at home itch relief and found this recipe with 2 ingredients pretty much any kitchen would have.

Equal parts honey and ground cinnamon!

Say what!?

Equal parts honey and ground cinnamon!

Just mix them together in a bowl and lather it on the itchy spot.

I put it on him and within seconds he forgot he was itching. A couple days later he got a little heat rash that was itching and I mixed it together. Worked like a charm! And since he isn’t scratching, the bites and rash are starting to heal like a charm!

Of course since it’s ground cinnamon it’s going to show up so you wouldn’t want to wear the stuff in public, unless you don’t care about your kids looking like they’ve been mud wrestling. I don’t judge.

Also, since these are both edible and delicious ingredients, we used left overs on hot toast for breakfast (no skin contact with beforehand).

So glad I got brave and tried it!

Try it and tell me what you think!