We roasted marshmallows last night like we did LAST YEAR. You’ll find the hot chocolate recipe I use HERE; and because I know how much you love seeing pictures of kids that aren’t yours…our annual hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows night!

We decorated pumpkins. Mine is a
TARDIS and the boys painted theirs.


File Folder Games

I have a new obsession. I’m sure it’s nothing new, but it’s new to me. It’s called…file folder games. They’re awesome for road trips, keeping quiet in church and doctors’ offices, and pretty much EVER!

I got the idea from FileFolderFun and have made 5 so far. Jon Mark loves them! Some are with their templates and some I made myself. Once you get started you can’t stop!

The ones I’ve made so far are for preschoolers, but they have ideas and templates for up to 5th grade. It’s very addicting once you get started; that is, if you’re odd like me. No $5 coffee for me! I run up the tab with office supplies!

You can see Jon Mark’s shadow because he wouldn’t stop playing long enough to
let me take pictures. That’s
how fun these are!

EDIT: In my excitement I forgot to explain how to make one. I’ll explain Down on the Farm for an example. You print off the pictures of the animals and color them. You cut them in half. Glue the heads to the file folder and put the tails in an envelope that you glue to the front of the folder. Now your child can match the tails to the heads for a fun way to learn. The general idea goes for all the others.