What in the WORLD is Oil Pulling? (and a really cute picture)

Fad Detox?

coconut_oil_unrefined1Have you heard about the new “fad” called oil pulling? If you haven’t, chances are you will soon. It’s becoming very popular in the natural circles, which means the hipsters are mere inches away from going nuts about it.

Though it may be a fad for some, it’s actually been a detoxification method for  a couple thousand years in which you swish a good vegetable oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. A Ukrainian oncologist, Dr. F Karach, brought it to the US in 1992. No real studies have been done to support the theories, but it’s SAID that the oil pulls (hence the name) bacteria out of the body through the mouth and the slickness of it keeps bacteria from re-entering.
When I first heard of this I researched it on a lot of different websites, but the most helpful to me was Mama Natural. She coincidentally posted a blog right around the time I started researching. If you’re interested in doing your own research, I also recommend The Crunchy Moose.
I have been doing it for several months now and it has a made a noticeable difference in my own health.
My Experience
First of all, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I’m not a morning person. Anyone in my house will back me up on that. I’m also not a night person. Ever been around me past 9 pm? But around 9 am, man I’m awesome! That being said, I have the pleasure of my first 20 minutes of the day being silent. The 3 guys know not to ask me anything because I won’t be able to answer them. It’s my own version of “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee”.
According to people who have been pulling for a long time, it can get rid of migraines, skin conditions like acne and eczema, diseased teeth, and many other conditions. Like I said earlier, this has not been supported by any official studies; only by centuries of using this detox method.
Since I started pulling, I have noticed whiter teeth, clear sinuses, and an overall freshness to my skin. My eye circles are much lighter and I have actually been seen lately without makeup and been okay with it!
So How Do You Do It?
1. Choose a quality oil like sesame or coconut oil. I prefer cold pressed coconut oil because it tastes good and is so good for you.
2. When you first wake up, put a tablespoon in your mouth and swish it around for at least 10 minutes. If you can’t hold it in for that long, you can start at 5 and slowly build up each day. Try to do this on an empty stomach and eat breakfast after. I actually cook breakfast while I’m swishing.
3. Spit the oil out in the TRASH CAN when you are done. It is oil. It will clog your drain. Don’t swallow the oil because it is now toxic. You will be swallowing all the bacteria you just pulled out.
4. Rinse your mouth out well. You can use warm salt water if you prefer.

5. Brush your teeth after breakfast. Many people do not feel the need to brush their teeth after. I am not that brave. I very much like minty fresh breath!
Now, for the main reason you probably clicked on this post…
A really cute picture of my boys pretending to fish.
gone fishin’

4 thoughts on “What in the WORLD is Oil Pulling? (and a really cute picture)”

  1. I have been reading about this for a while now and have wanted to start doing it…for oral health and other issues as well! Thanks for sharing your experience…makes me feel better about it! 🙂 Thanks, again….Shelia Baker


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