Memorial Day Activities

Tomorrow is a very special day. Not because most people get a day off of work or school. Not a day to eat as much as we possibly can. Though those things are going to happen in my house tomorrow, that’s not why we celebrate. Tomorrow is Memorial Day. A day to honor and remember all of the men and women who died while serving our country.

Tomorrow at the Donald residence, we will be at home crafting it up with footprint American flags and patriotic picture frames, but if you’re able to get out, there is a lot going on for Memorial Day in the Birmingham area to help teach your children the importance of the holiday.

– There will be a Memorial Day observance at the Alabama National Cemetery in Montevallo tomorrow at 9 am. No admission charge. Click here to get a full schedule of the day’s activities.

– All weekend long through tomorrow at the Birmingham Zoo, all active, disabled, and retired military and their dependents get free admission with proof of valid military ID.

– There will be Memorial Day celebration from 10:30 am to 3 pm tomorrow at American Village, also located in Montevallo. Free admission.

– A Memorial Day celebration will be held at the North Jefferson Memorial on Highway 31 in Fultondale starting at 10 am.

– The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute will be offering free admission to any military and up to 5 family members starting tomorrow going through Labor Day with a valid military ID.

These are just a few things going on in the Birmingham area. Hope you have a fun and blessed Memorial Day!


I’m Growing New Hair!

That’s not an eye catching post title. I’m literally growing new hair!

Yeah…that hair was not there
2 months ago

It has been 2 months since I stopped using shampoo and conditioner and started using baking soda and apple cider vinegar and I’ve started growing new strands of hair (you can find my original blog post about the no poo method here).

I have been in love with the low maintenance experience from day one, but recently I’ve noticed strands of hair popping up all over my scalp. Excited by the unexpected result, I decided to research it.

After a little over a month of no poo.
My hair was already starting to look
thicker and healthier.

Turns out, not only does bs/acv make your hair grow faster, for many it makes new hair come in!

The reason for new hair growth is a healthier scalp thanks to no longer using shampoo. Shampoo strips your hair of the good oils ┬áso your head works double time to produce new oils (which is the reason you have to wash your hair everyday to keep it from looking oily). Since quitting the poo my hair follicles aren’t clogged with oil and debris, so there is room for new hair to come in!

I have never had a problem with hair thinning or loss, but what wonderful news for someone who does! If you know someone looking for a remedy for thicker hair, tell them to go no poo! It’s worth a try! But please tell them to read the original no poo post before they get started to learn about the transition phase. You don’t want any surprises!

Comment below if you have decided to give it a try or if you already no poo and want to share your experience with it!