Essential Oils in the Eyes!

We had an interesting encounter the other day. My 3 year old LOVES our essential oils. Anytime he is sick or gets hurt he asks for “Mamma’s oil medicine”. He loves them so much that I have to keep them hidden from him.

Sadly, his love for my oils exceeded my craftiness with hiding places last week and he got into my peppermint eo. He opened up the bottle, got a drop on his hands, and went straight for the eyes. If you’ve ever had peppermint even kind of close to your eyes, you know it can burn like crazy!

As you learned in elementary school, water and oil do not mix. This is the same with essential oil. You need to dilute it first. I panicked. I scoured the net trying to find something safe to put in his eyes. I had no luck. It is (not) surprisingly hard to get a 3 year old to let you put a Q tip on his eyeball!

Then, as if God dropped the URL in my lap, I found this blog! The answer was milk!

If you have an eo emergency in the eyes, run to the fridge! Quickly flush the eyes out with milk. It will almost immediately stop the burning. Then you will be able to wash the eyes with water the get the milk out.

I didn’t know this information immediately when the crisis came up at my house. Don’t be like me!! Accidents happen! Be prepared!